VetraCleanse Advanced Otic Flush


Formulated to gently clean, dry, and acidify the ears as well as dislodge waxy buildup and foreign debris from the ear canal. If your pet is one who is a habitual swimmer, has hair build up in the ear canal, or simply has an overabundance of wax & debris, then VetraCleanse is here to help.  Some pets have stinky ears, and that’s okay! But you don’t always need to smell them.  Trust us, your pet will thank you.

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  • POWERFUL CLEANSER: Our VetraCleanse Advanced Otic Flush is formulated to gently clean, dry, and acidify the ears as well as dislodge waxy buildup and foreign debris from the ear canal.
  • GENTLE FORMULATION: VetraCleanse is a non-irritating alcohol-free formulation that is gentle enough to be used regularly to keep ears clean and prevent infection. Many ear flushes available are too harsh to be used regularly and can actually cause damage to the ear canal. VetraCleanse is unique in being safe for general preventive use if your pet is prone to getting ear infections. Designed for use with dogs and cats.
  • REDUCES EAR INFECTIONS: While not all dogs need to have their ears cleaned regularly, when I have patients suffering from allergies, animals with large floppy ears, animals that love to swim, and animals that just seem to buildup ear wax faster than most, I always recommend VetraCleanse to keep their ears clean and prevent the need for constant vet visits.
  • ELIMINATES BACTERIA AND YEAST. Most of the general ear cleansers available will only remove the visible debris from your pet’s ears, but VetraCleanse goes further by including ingredients that actually clear bacteria and yeast at the microscopic level.
  • IT SMELLS GREAT: Our otic flush has a cucumber melon scent so not only is your pet’s ears healthy, but they are left clean and smelling fresh.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply liberally into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear. Allow pet to shake head. Clean excess with a cotton ball. Never use cotton swabs to clean deep within the ear canal. For excessively dirty ears, apply 2-3 times daily over several days. For maintenance of healthy ears, 1-2 times weekly or as often as recommended by your veterinarian. Always apply after bathing or swimming.
  • For Veterinary Use only.
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