meet the team

dr. Adam Boe, DVM

Christina Boe

Koa & Indiana

Veterinary Essentials is a veterinarian owned and operated family business dedicated to providing the best quality products for your furry family members.

Dr. Boe served as a veterinarian in the US Army where he worked with some truly amazing military working dogs and countless pets belonging to our servicemembers. His time in the military brought him from Saudi Arabia to Palau and everywhere in between and he has worked with veterinary products from around the world. He and his wife Christina noticed that so many of the products their clients were buying and using were either unsafe or ineffective. As a result, they decided to gather the best treatments from around the world and produce a better option.

Beyond ensuring your pet gets the best quality care, Veterinary Essentials is dedicated to giving back to the military working dogs who served this country so bravely. For that reason, a portion of every sale goes directly to helping retired working dogs find forever homes so they can spend the rest of their lives on the comfortable couches they deserve!